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Sunline Structure FC Fluorocarbon - Clear

Sunline Structure FC Fluorocarbon - Clear



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Sunline Structure FC Fluorcarbon Clear 165 Yards.Sunline Structure FC is the ultimate line for long casts and deep water fishing. Structure FC excels in structure techniques like football heads as well as Carolina and umbrella rigs because of its high abrasion resistance and low stretch. It features triple resin processing to give it superior abrasion resistance to hold up against the rocks, shells and wood encountered in structure situations. The low stretch and high raw material density allows better hook sets and superior sensitivity on long casts in open water situations.

    • The first fluorocarbon made specifically for structure fishing techniques
    • High abrasion resistance to hold up against rock, shells and wood
    • Low stretch and special E2 raw material with high density for better hook sets and sensitivity
    • High specific gravity to allow lures to sink faster
    • Relative small diameter to pound test