Surefire Ep4, Sf Ep4-bk-mpr Ep4 Sonic Defendr Md Blk

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The surefire ep4 sonic defenders plus protect your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations.Their triple-flanged stem design fits larger ear canals and provides a noise reduction rating (nrr) of 24db.Sounds, at safe levels, are allowed to pass through into the ear canal, while potentially harmful noises (above 85db) are reduced via a proprietary design that incorporates a special noise-reducing filter.Ep4s include attached filter caps, which can be inserted for additional protection and blocking out lower-level noise, like that heard on a plane, where hearing ambient sounds or conversations isn't critical.Right/left color-coded sonic defenders plus are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer that provides all-day comfort and an extended product life (up to 6+ months, depending on usage and care)..

Type: Earplugs
Color: Clear Ear Buds w/Black Ear Piece
Nrr: 24 dB
Quantity: 1 Pair
Style: Earbuds
Material: Polymer