Surefire Maximus, Sf Hs3-a-bk Maximus Headlamp 1000

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The surefire maximus rechargeable variable-output led headlamp delivers an amazing 1,000 lumens of light, enough to illuminate your entire campsite.If that's too much light, you can dial it down to 1 lumen or any level in between for closer work, preserving your dark-adapted vision, or extending the runtime.A large knurled dial permits output control with one hand even if it's gloved or numbed by cold.One hand can also aim the light right where you want it since the light assembly rotates up and down 90 degrees.

Type: Head Lamp
Weight: 5.10 oz
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
Proofs: Water Resistant
Color: Black
Rechargeable: Yes