Surefire Udr, Sf Udr-a-bk Dominator Rechg 2000

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SKU: SSO5176
The surefire udr dominator is a virtual lightsaber.Its advanced led produces a maximum output of 2,400 lumens, pushing 200,000 candela to a distance of more than 900 meters.Nine selectable output settings, from max output down to 14 lumens, cover everything from spotlight applications to close-up, task-oriented work.Separate pushbutton head switches deliver constant-on, momentary-on or maxblast mode, the latter instantly provides full power whenever you need it.There's also a strobe mode for signaling.The dominator conveniently recharges via a standard 120v ac outlet or a 12-volt dc socket (cords are included) and its three-color led fuel gauge always keeps you aware of the available charge.Includes aall (ac) charger with international adapters, car (dc) charger, adjustable nylon sling, one li-ion rechargeable battery and twelve disposable 123a cells.

Material: Aluminum
Type: Flashlight
Output: 2400 Lumens
Bulb Type: LED
Oal: 11.80"
Weight: 2.30 lbs
Battery: Li-ion
Proofs: Water Resistant
Color: Black Anodized
Head Diameter: 3"
Rechargeable: Yes
Filter Color: White
Switch Type: Push Button
Hazair: Yes