Surefire Warcomp, Sf Warcomp-556-ctn-1-2-28 3 Prong Fh Clsd Tine

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Surefire warcomp-556-ctn is a closed tine flash hider that is neutrally ported to aid in recoil management.Compared to that of the open tine adapters, the warcomp-ctn for 5.56 caliber weapons mimics that of a traditional birdcage flash hider along with being a rock solid mounting option for socom series fast-attach suppressors.The muzzle device also has wrench flats machined into the sides of the adapter for aid in installation.The closed tine option does not have as much flash reduction to that of the open tine adapter but still is very capable.

Finish: Black
Type: Flash Hider
Model: Warcomp
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread Pattern: 1/2"-28 tpi