Surefire X400 Ultra, Sf X400uh-a-rd Masterfire X400 Ultra Red-lsr 600lu

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The x400uh-a-rd was created to interface with surefire's revolutionary masterfire rapid deploy holster.The compact but powerful weaponlight/laser features a unique bezel with cam slots, and pin slots on both sides of the body, that lock the light into the holster, securing the weapon at an advantageous angle for quick deployment.It is designed to automatically activate when the weapon is drawn from the masterfire holster, saving valuable time in high-stress situations and making one-handed manipulations easier.It utilizes a recoil-proof led covered with a proprietary tir lens that focuses 600 lumens of light into a smooth, farther-reaching beam with a large central spot.Its five-milliwatt red laser sight is highly visible to the human eye and, once zeroed, rarely needs re-zeroing due to the nylok adjustment screws that won't back out from the effects of recoil.A lightweight but strong aerospace-aluminum body finished with mil-spec hard anodizing provide superior toughness, while o-ring and gasket sealing provide weatherproofing.The x400uh-a-rd is achieved via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of body, providing one-finger control.It can be easily and securely attached to any pistol or long gun equipped with a universal or picatinny rail.

Material: Aluminum
Type: Laser/Light
Output: 1000 Lumens
Bulb Type: LED
Oal: 3.70"
Weight: 5.90 oz
Battery: CR123A
Proofs: Weatherproof
Color: Black
Rechargeable: No
Filter Color: White