Sworming Hornet Fish Head Dude 1/8 oz

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The Patented Fish Head Dude (2pk) and 3/4 oz. Single — is the perfect addition to our Fish Head Spin line of products. The Fish Head Dude is designed to serve as a shallow running/waking search tool. The Fish Head Dude can be fished through blow-downs, rock, wood, as well as grass. With its fluorocarbon urethane blade, it is virtually weedless and its multi-stage painting process yields a highly realistic finish. Add your favorite curly tail, paddle tail, or fluke style trailer for great action. The Fish Head Dude mimics a baitfish swimming through the water, which attracts all species of fish. The Fish Head Dude is most commonly used for bass but was originally created for the in-shore salt-water market. No fish can resist the realistic look and action of the Fish Head Dude!The ultimate match-the-hatch fishing lure – now in a larger size – the Fish Head Dude is so realistic it does everything but breathe water. An ideal schooling bait when the fish are feeding on small baitfish, it also makes a great search tool for those hard to find bass, crappie, bluegill, smallmouth, walleye, etc. Vitually weedless as well, thanks to its fluorocarbon urethane bill, you can fish it through lay-downs, rock, wood and grass. With the shake of a shallow crank and the look of a genuine baitfish – how can bass resist? Made with a super sharp Mustad hook, the Fish Head Dude is designed for use with any fluke-style soft plastic.