Sworming Hornet Fishhead Shaker

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Color: Chartreuse
Size: 3/8 oz
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The Fish Head Shaker can be used as a search tool for those hard to find bass, as it allows you to go through blow-downs, rocks, wood, as well as some grass. The Fish Head Shaker is virtually weedless. With the shake of a shallow crankbait and the flash and look of a baitfish. The Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin works well when fished over deep cover like brush piles, around standing cover like bridge pilings and standing timber. This spinner features chip resistant paint, a conical bait keeper, and a quality ball bearing swivel to enable the blade to spin easily at any retrieve speed.The Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin can be used with many different types of soft plastic baits inlcuding swimbaits, flukes and other shad imitators.


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