Teckel Bladewaker Bladed Jig

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The Teckel Bladewaker Bladed Jig is the jig you’ve been searching for! This hybrid lure is perfect for a range of techniques, from working the surface to dropping down into cover to tempt out some hidden trophies! The high-quality skirting is perfect for causing a commotion and drawing in attention. If the skirt isn’t enough to get their attention, the custom hybrid blade will be! This blade is curved just right to catch the water and cause massive vibrations that can get even the most pressured of fishing to strike! The Teckel Bladewaker Bladed Jig is a must-have for any tackle box!
  • Developed and refined by lure designer, Hideki Maeda
  • Highly effective hybrid lure
  • Can act as a buzzbait or wakebait
  • Realistic eyes
  • High quality skirting
  • 1 Per Pack
  • 1/2 oz