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Tinks Food Attractant Lure Hot Shot Sweet Weed Mist

Tinks Food Attractant Lure Hot Shot Sweet Weed Mist



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Hot shot sweet weed, power food scented attractant, super sweet smell that attracts bucks and does. Internal bag separates the attractant from the pressuring agent so there is no contamination. System allows the entire product to be dispensed. Sprays longer than traditional spray cans. Quieter spray won't spook deer. Consistent spray without "spitting" sprays at any angle, even upside down. Unique smell stimulates deer's appetite.

Introducing a new technological improvement over traditional aerosol scent cans. NEW Bag-in-Can design separates lure from the propellant and sprays only 100 percent pure lure with no contamination or dilution of propellant. Sweet Weed is a super sweet smell that aggressively attracts bucks and does and stimulates a deer's appetite.