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Tinks Game Scent Power Scrape Starter 12 Oz

Tinks Game Scent Power Scrape Starter 12 Oz



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Condition deer to frequently return to your stand location with this powerful synthetic buck lure. The spray can be used on natural or mock scrapes and will capitalize on a buck's curiosity in the early season and their drive for territorial dominance during the breeding season.
Specifications and Features:
  • One to two weeks prior to the season opening, create 2 or 3 mock scrapes at your hunting stand locations
  • Apply Power Scrape directly on the scrape and the ground around the scrape, at least once a week
  • A powerful synthetic buck lure designed to be used during the entire season
  • Throughout the rest of the season, reapply with each hunt
  • Power Scrape is reactivated by moisture
  • 12 oz spray bottle