Trijicon Quick Release Mount, Trj Ac12033 Acog Quick Release Mnt

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The quick release mount fits all vcog's, the 1x42 reflex (w/acog base) and the 3.5x, 4x and 5.5x acog's.The ac12033 quick release mount utilizes a single lever system.It features the patented blac lever system which requires no manual adjustments to attain a proper, rock solid engagement on a 1913 picatinny rail.Distance from top of mounting rail to optical axis- 3x, 4x and 5.5x acog 1.535", vcog 1.535" and 1x42 reflex 1.506".

Type: 1-Piece Base
Model: Quick Release Mount
Dimensions: Quick Release
Material: Black
Action: Aluminum
Trigger: 1
Thread Pattern: Picatinny Rail
Hammer Type: 1.506" - 1.535"