Trijicon Sro Mounting Kit, Trj Ac32085 Sro Mnt Kit Glk Mos And Spg Osp

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SKU: SSO113189
Trijicon sro mounting kit for glock mos and springfield mos.Fits g17 gen4 mos, g19 gen4mos, g34 gen4 mos, g35 gen4 mos, g40 gen4 mos, g41 gen4 mos, and springfield osp.This kit includes the proper screws needed to mount an sro on the glock mos slide and the springfield osp pistol.The ac32085 kit includes: 2 sro screws (short) and 1 hex key.*note- one must have this kit to mount an sro on a mos or springfield osp slide.Sro's ship with two long screws which will not work.You will need the two short screws in this kit.

Finish: Black
Model: SRO Mounting Kit
Material: Black
Trigger: 3