Trijicon Sro, Trj 2500001 Sro Sight Adjustable Led 1.0 Moa R-dot

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The trijicon specialized reflex optic (sro1) 1.0 moa adjustable led red dot is best suited for use on a rifle or target pistol application or in applications where increased accuracy at distance is needed.The wide field of view and clean, crisp dot makes it easy for users to find and track the dot in both target and competitive shooting applications, helping improve shooting accuracy and speed.Features- automatic and 8 adjustable setting- 2 nv and 6 visible; 150 moa total travel.The sro is designed to survive the rigors of slide ride pistols and is engineered for hard use.Includes 1 trijicon logo sticker, lens cloth, two #6-32 flat head torx cap screws 1/2" long, torx head key, manual and warranty card.*note: if selecting an sro for mounting on the glock mos system or the new springfield osp pistol, a trijicon mounting kit (ac32085) is required.

Battery: CR2032
Magnification: 1x
Dot Size: 1 MOA
Length: 2.20"
Weight: 1.60 oz
Finish: Matte Black
Reticle: Illuminated Red LED Dot
Adjustment Size: 1 MOA
Proofs: Impact/Weather Resistant/Waterproof
Windage Elevation: Adjustable