Triton Mike Bucca's Bull Shad Fast Sinking Swimbait

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Handcrafted in Georgia, the slow sinking Bull Shad Swimbaits are intended to mimic species of shad that bass feed upon all over the country. The Bull Shad possesses the profile of large shad that naturally become meals for some of the largest bass around the country, especially in bodies of water void of trout or hitch. The Bull Shad is not a highly refined, exquisitely detailed, finely finished bait that will swim out of its packaging to wow you with its realism. In fact, while the Bull Shad is quite the contrary it is exquisite in its own right. Instead of a super realistic imitation of a super clean and healthy baitfish, the Bull Shad resembles a beat up, harried, surviving by the ligament of its scales baitfish that’s led a hard life to get where it is today – tied to the end of your line waiting to be devoured.