Trokar Flippin Hook Platinum Black - 4 Per Pack

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Lazer Trokar hooks are quite simply the sharpest hooks you can buy. In tests against competing hooks, they penetrate test media with half the pressure. Designed to dig deep and hold fast, Laser Trokar hooks should be part of your arsenal. You can always count on Eagle Claw for the best in hooks, floats, sinkers and other tackle you need to made your next fishing trip a success. Trokar points are precisely ground for consistent performance using Surgically Sharpened Technology, a process that only Trokar holds the patent for. It results in a strong point that is twice as sharp and penetrates with half the effort.


  • Highest quality angler gear for all types of fishers
  • Trusted for reliabilty, durability, and strength
  • Quality and field tested to ensure you can complete with the best
  • 4 hooks per pack
  • THE ONLY HOOKS IN THE WORLD THAT ARE SURGICALLY SHARPENED. The three-sided point penetrates twice as fast as other point shapes, allowing for dramatically increased hook-up ratios.
  • BOLSTERED WIRE DIAMETER giving serious anglers a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-sets and intense fights