Trokar Magworm EWG Hook Platinum Black With Bait Pin Size 3/0

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SKU: TK125-5/0

TroKar Magworm B.A.R.B. Hooks are surgically sharpened for the ultimate precision and security in hooksets. Made with cold-forged high-carbon steel, these hooks offer high impact resistance with enough flex to prevent breakage. Featuring an extra wide gap Z-bend with TroKar B.A.R.B., they’re designed for rigging a variety of baits while maintaining original bait placement and alignment.

  • Size 3/0
  • Size 4/0
  • Size 5/0
  • Size 6/0
  • TroKar B.A.R.B. designed to secure soft plastic bait
  • Surgically sharpened three-sided point
  • Made with cold-forged high-carbon steel
  • Extra wide gap Z-bend
  • Color: Platinum Black