Trokar Offset Octopus Hook Size 1/0 Platinum Black Long Shank Up Eye

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SKU: TK400-1/0
TroKar Octopus Hooks take advantage of the same technology used to sharpen surgical instruments, making them precise and incredibly efficient. They’re made with impact resistant high carbon steel for durability and maintain the right amount of flexibility to prevent breakage. Constructed with an elongated shank and offset forged up-eye, these hooks increase precision with half the effort of normal hooks.
  • Surgically sharpened three-sided point
  • Made with impact resistant high carbon steel
  • Elongated shank
  • Offset forged up-eye
  • Color: Black Chrome
  • TroKar
Model: TK400-1/0
  • Size: 1/0
  • Pack Qty: 8
Model: TK400-2/0
  • Size: 2/0
  • Pack Qty: 8
Model: TK400-4/0
  • Size: 4/0
  • Pack Qty: 6
Model: TK400-8/0
  • Size: 8/0
  • Pack Qty: 3
Model: TK400-9/0
  • Size: 9/0
  • Pack Qty: 3
  • Brand: TroKar
  • Country of Origin: Imported