Trokar HD Platinum Worm Hook

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When you are out to break records, sometimes you break rules. We sent an elite team of our engineers to collaborate with those people whose job it is to make things very sharp, and very reliable: a high-tech producer of surgical needles. Three-Sided Hook Point  that penetrates much faster than other point shapes, allowing for dramatically increased hook-up ratios. The three facets of the Trokar point are precisely and symetrically ground for consistent performance. Low-Profile Barb is designed for easier penetration, yet ultimate holding power. The precise angle of the barb was determined using highly specific geometric calculations.

  • Size 1/0 - 7 Per Pack
  • Size 2/0 - 6 Per Pack
  • Size 3/0 - 6 Per Pack
  • Size 4/0 - 5 Per Pack
  • Size 5/0 - 5 Per Pack


  • Ultra Clean, Cold-Forged, High Carbon Steel: with increased carbon content and reduced impurities adds higher tensile strength. The steel then undergoes a unique heat-treating process that imparts just the right amount of flex to resist breaking.
  • Bolstered Wire Diameter: giving serious anglers a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-sets and intense fights.
  • Tempering Process: specifically tailored to manipulate the molecular structure of the Q741 wire, bringing out the maximum strength potential of the ultra-high carbon steel.