Walkers Game Ear Razor, Wlkr Gwp-drsemaix Razr Digital Muff Atcas Ix

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The razor pro digital ear muffs utilize advanced digital circuity to provide enhanced clarity of desirable ambient sounds such as voice, high-frequency steel impact, and environmental sounds like animal movement while offering improved suppression of undesirable background noise, such as wind.Combined, the razor pros sound processing makes for a clearer and more comfortable audio experience on the range or in the field.The razor digital continues the ergonomic design and diverse functionality of the razor series with compact ear cups that minimize interference when shouldering long guns, a redesigned headband for hours of comfortable wear, and an easy-to-operate control knob.An auto shut-off function can be set for two, four, or six hours to deliver longer life if the shooter forgets to turn off the unit.High-gain omni directional microphones provide 360-degree sound pickup to eliminate audio blind spots.

Type: Electronic Earmuff
Color: ATAC-IX Camo Ear Cups w/Black Band
Nrr: 23 dB
Quantity: 1
Style: Over the Head
Battery: AAA
Material: Polymer