Wildgame Innovations Game Camera Combo Kicker 2.0 Lightsout 18mp with Trail Pad Swipe

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The Wildgame Innovations Kicker 2.0 Lights Out Trail Camera boasts a rapid trigger speed to capture crisp, high-quality photos and 720p HD videos. The Kicker 2.0 Lights Out features thirty-six invisible black LEDs illuminate subjects as far out as 60 ft. 16:9 ratio image format. The Kicker 2.0 Lights Out trail camera easily secures to trees with the included strap.

  • Rapid trigger speed
  • High quality photos and 720p HD videos
  • Thirty-six invisible black LEDs doesn't spook game

Includes Trail Pad Swipe SD Card Reader

Trail Pad Swipe SD Card Reader

Game surveillance is only part of the equation. Once your cameras capture the story, you need trail camera accessories to watch the story back quickly; and now you can do just that with just the swipe of a finger.

The Trail Pad™ Swipe SD card reader allows you to review images and videos directly from your hunting camera. Equipped with a heavy-duty, water-resistant housing and a compact, lightweight design, the Trail Pad Swipe can easily trek into the field with you. No cords are required; simply load an SD card into the Trail Pad Swipe to start viewing. You'll find files neatly organized on a bright LCD screen so you can run through all the action your cameras have seen. Instantly view photos and watch videos with a user-friendly touch screen and easy-access buttons. The touch screen even has a zoom feature so you can count every tine.

Don't wait for downloads to see what's happening in the field " get the full story from your Wildgame trail camera now with the Trail Pad Swipe SD card reader.