Wildgame Innovations Gsm Terra, Wgi Teracc Terra Xt Cell 20mp Dual Photo

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Terra cell 16-megapixel cellular trail camera, can keep a close eye on the farthest reaches of your property without fear of messing up established patterns of game animals residing there.Twenty-one 850nm leds pair with a whopping 80-ft.Detection, flash range and rapid 0.7-second trigger speed to capture even the most fleeting appearances.It automatically uploads, organizes and analyzes captured photos using the artificial intelligence management (aim) system of wildgame innovations huntsmart app, providing information detailed out by species, geolocation, custom descriptions and much more.Setup is done via qr code, so youre ready to accept the 16:9 ratio images on your phone or computer almost immediately.Powered by 8 aa batteries, not included, or 12-volt dc jack compatible with solar power panels, not included.Adjustable tree strap included.Cable-lock ready latch, security accessories not included, helps deter theft.