Yamamoto 5" Shad Shape Floater

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A perfect baitfish imitator that will fool all species of bass no matter where you fish, the Yamamoto 5” Shad Shape Floater is a bigger version of the original Shad Shaped Worm and opens the door for more applications. Made with Yamamoto’s Mega Floater Formula, Yamamoto 5” Shad Shape Floater features a ribbed body and pintail design that quivers and produces a subtle action that triggers fish to bite. The floating formula also makes it sit perfectly horizonal when rigged on a drop shot, which is crucial for those times when you must fish slow to entice wary bass into biting. Not only is it deadly when rigged on a drop shot, but it is incredible on the back of scrounger jighead or underspin head as well, giving anglers more versatility and eliminating the need for multiple different baits in their tackle box. Available in a wide assortment of baitfish color patterns, the Yamamoto 5” Shad Shape Floater is sure to become your new favorite baitfish profile soft plastic.

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