Yum Ned Craw

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The YUM Ned Craw is the most realistic craw for Ned rig applications on the market today, thanks to a lifelike defensive posture while at rest or dragging along the bottom.

The Ned rig has exploded in popularity over the years thanks to its ability to catch a lot of fish – and big ones too. With the YUM Ned Craw, you now have the most realistic-looking crawfish imitator available to use. The natural colors, combined with a special formula to keep the bait in a defensive posture, will have fish keying on your bait. The YUM Ned Craw works best on 6-8 lb. line with a medium-action spinning rod.

  • 2"
  • 8 Per Pack
  • Most realistic Ned Craw on the market
  • Natural color options
  • Specially-formulated plastic floats which make the bait stand up in a defensive mode