Yum Pulse 4 1/2" 8 Bag Watermelon/Red Flake

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Choose: Watermelon/Red Flake
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The secrets behind the Yum Pulse Swimbait's versatility: its extra-wide, hard-thumping tail, and its unique body design which features angled ribs that push water away; this keeps the bait from rising and allows it to roll from side to side, producing tremendous flash. In addition, the Pulse maintains its rolling action at any retrieve speed, so you might just find a few more ways to put this incredible swimbait to work for you.

Yum Pulse 4 1/2In 8 Bag

  • Watermelon/Red Flake
  • Tenn Shad
  • Tinfoil
  • Ayu
  • Blue Pearl
  • Sinful Shad
  • Chart Clear Shad
  • Gray Flake Shad
  • Summer Gill
  • Arkansas Shiner
  • Houdini
  • Pearl White

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