Z-Man Larvaz

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Featuring a ribbed body, bulbous eyes, wispy legs, and a segmented stinger tail, the Z-Man Larvaz is a highly detailed invertebrate imitation ideal for a variety of micro-finesse applications. Designed to pair seamlessly with the Z-Man Micro Finesse Shroomz jigheads, the Z-Man Larvaz excel when jigged or dragged along the bottom as a ned rig trailer and are also a deadly plastic for rigging beneath a bobber on a Float’n Fly set up.

Poured from 10X Tough Elaztech for extreme durability, the micro appendages resist tearing from nuisance short-biting fish, and the extra-fine body segments yield natural unparalleled articulating action underwater. The perfect micro finesse creature bait to show your fish something a little different, the Z-Man Larvas are incredibly effective for a wide range of species including bass, crappie, panfish, trout, perch, and more!

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