Z-Man Salty Ned Shrimpz

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An industry-first saltwater-specific profile designed for the increasingly popular Ned rig technique, the Z-man Salty Ned Shrimpz are ideally suited for targeting finicky fish in clear water or for use when smaller shrimp are the primary forage. Poured with a 10X Tough Elaztech construction for extreme durability, the naturally buoyant material allows for a slow sink rate and causes the bait to rise off the bottom at rest for a highly realistic presentation. Designed to pair perfectly with the Z-Man Finesse Bulletz Finesse Shroomz Ned Lockz, or Texas Eye Finesse jigheads, the Z-Man Salty Ned Shrimpz deliver an incredibly lifelike crustacean profile with thin legs and antennae that quiver enticingly with the slightest movement of your rod tip.

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