Zink Triple Pak Turkey Diaphragm Calls

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SKU: Z317

This trio of diaphragms includes the Lucky Lady, Wicked Lady, and the X-Lady style of reed designs. A triple reed, the Lucky Lady features strategically placed notches in both the middle and upper reeds, allowing for a wide range of sounds. The Wicked Lady's unique W-shaped cut and set-back twin reeds produce fantastic yelps and whines, as well as toned-down clucks and purrs. An altered heavy latex upper reed, combined with two thinner reeds, gives the X-Lady a one-of-a-kind sound, while keeping it user-friendly for callers of all skill levels.


  •  Color :    Red/White
  • Species:     Turkey
  • Number of Reeds:    8
  • Call Type:     Diaphragm