Zoom 5" Swimmer

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This hollow body swimbait has a very realistic shad-shaped body with a lively paddle tail for lifelike swimming action. Fish it on a light or heavy jig head and work a slow swimming action back to the boat. These soft plastic swimbaits have become a go-to bait for many bass fishermen on clear and off colored reservoirs.

The Zoom Swimmer features a classic hollow body design and realistic shad-shaped body. Its lively paddle tail produces a lifelike swimming action proven to entice big, quality bass, as well as, attract sheer numbers of bites.

The world's most popular soft jerkbait now sports a high-action swimming paddle tail. The Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke is a true swimmer and is recommended for schooling bass or as a search tool that's handy for locating fish. For schoolies busting on top, try burning an unweighted Swimmin' Super Fluke just under the surface; hang on for smashing strikes. When they sound, quickly thread a fresh bait onto a weighted swim hook and run it deeper in the water column to pick up a few more. The Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke's soft texture also makes it perfect for rigging with a buried hook for weedless applications. Generously salt-impregnated to hold the bite. Made in USA. Zoom soft baits are legendary for their uncanny fish-producing ability, and rare is the tournament angler who will leave the dock without a good supply in the boat.