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Feature an extremely life-like. shape and profile. Super soft plastic. The salt impregnated into the. soft plastic itself also causes bass. to hold on longer once they bite for. more positive hooksets.Zoom's selection of Craws contains a wide range of sizes. While small, the Lil' Critter Craw is a very good overall bait. Craws are a major food for bass in lakes. Rig them Texas style and crawl them across the bottom. Also, try using them as the trailer for a jig to create of jig/pig. This is a sometimes overlooked, but very effective way to fish them. 

Reel a prized bass using these Zoom Lil' Critter Craws. They come 12 per bag to last you for several catches. These craw baits come in a resealable pouch so you can keep their scent fresh. They are available in a choice of several color patterns to suit individual needs. These lures are easy to make crawl along the stream bed or bottom of the lake to attract critters that prey on crawfish. They each measure 3-1/4" in length and can be used as a trailer for a jig.

Zoom Lil' Critter Craws, 3" 12-Pack:

  • 3-1/4" craws
  • Packed 12 per bag
  • Ideal for crawling along the bottom
  • Zoom critter craws are ideal for bass fishing
  • Comes in a resealable bag
  • Use them as the trailer for a jig to create a jig/pig
  • Also available in colors black/blue claw, green pumpkin, pumpkin/chartreuse claw, watermelon /chartreuse claw, watermelon/red or watermelon/seed
  • Zoom Critter Craws feature an extremely life like shape and profile.
  • Super soft plastic Zoom uses makes the appendages extremely active in the water.
  • The salt impregnated into the soft plastic itself also causes bass to hold on longer.
  • Great for Texas- or Carolina-rigging, or as jig trailer.
  • Available in two sizes, the 5" Big Critter Craw and the 3" Lil' Critter Craw.

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