Zoom Magnum Trick Worm 7"

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This is a beefier big brother of the Trick Worm. It was a huge success when field tested. It was so good that most of the. pros wanted to keep this new product a secret. Excellent on a wacky or shaky-style rig, the up sized Zoom Magnum Trick Worm is the choice of the pros for finding that kicker fish in and around heavy cover. A natural floater, it rides up off the bottom and performs a seductive wiggling, shaking dance that you control with slight rod twitches. For a lunker bass, it's just too much to take!

  • Excellent on a wacky or shaky-style rig
  • Upsized finesse bait with big-fish appeal
  • Perfect for covering heavy vegetation
  • Great wiggling, shaking, dancing action