Zoom Salty Chunk 2.5"

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SKU: Z027-025

Soft plastic bait is wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch. and salt-impregnated to hold even the most tentative bite.

The Small Salty Chunk is the trailer that made a generation of anglers give up pork chunks on the back of their jigs. It's the perfect size to tempt any fish from plain keepers to the lunker of a lifetime and fits securely on the back of a wide range of jig styles and sizes.

Zoom baits are preferred by tournament fishermen for their uncanny fish-producing ability. And once fish bite into this lifelike, super-soft and salt-impregnated Salty Chunk lure, they'll fight to hang on. These incredibly productive colors set the standard for other lure makers.

  • Size = 2 ½ inches
  • Jig trailer/chunk
  • Zoom’s “standard” chunk adds just the right amount of bulk
  • Salt-impregnated
  • Perfect all-around jig trailer