Be Prepared - Angler Aid Product Review

Be Prepared - Angler Aid Product Review

As anglers, we like to spend time researching and investing our money is baits, reels, rods, line, and things that we believe will increase our odds of catching more and bigger fish. However, many times we overlook other essentials that can make us more efficient on the water. It seems more often than not, we face situations while fishing that either require first-aid, minor mechanical repair, or some sort of engineering and doctoring to keep us fishing and salvage the day. A company by the name of Angler Aid has come along and put together all the things one might need in these situations, and I’ve been convinced that these kits should be essential in every angler’s boat or day pack!

First Aid Kit

At the bare minimum, a first aid kit should be quickly accessible by anyone that’s out on the water. I know, just this year, I’ve embedded hooks in myself, cut myself on fins, been bitten by unwanted toothy fish, and even fell down in my boat at one point. In the Angler Aid First-Aid Kit, you will find all that you need to take care of these minor battle wounds and not have them ruin your day. One great item is the Angler Aid First Aid Spray. Reviews will show that it is a great product for helping those wounds heal up quickly!

Safety Kit

Bodily injury isn’t the only setback we face on the water. I know I’ve found myself in the boat many times trying to do just enough to hold some piece of equipment together long enough to fishing day. The Safety Kit includes all of your standard first aid items, and in addition, a lot of other useful items like cable ties, hoe clamps, and even a multi-tool.

Pro Essentials Kit

The Pro Essential Kit takes it a step further and includes enough items to not only fix a scratch and a leaky fuel hose, but also has your back if you get stranded 50 miles up a river with no way back for a while! Adding items like an emergency blanket, wire saw, and a fire starter. If there is a first aid item, safety item, fishing accessory, boating tool, or any survival gear you could think of to put together a handy kit; Angler Aid has already done that for you with this one!

I was always told to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And, while no one wants to run into any of these issues out on the water, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. I can’t recommend these Angler Aid kits enough for anyone who wants to be prepared for anything that is thrown their way.

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