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  • Big Swimbait Tips

    Big Swimbait Tips

    Many times, anglers catch wind of a new and better way to target bigger bass only to give up after seeing no results. This is OFTEN the case when picking up swimbaits, especially bigger swimbaits, for the first time. Chasing...

  • 3 Spring Staples

    3 Spring Staples

    As Spring is coming, is here, and is in the process of leaving depending on where you’re at in the country; our minds like to focus on the idea of looking for bass that are doing the deed, making spawning...

  • Reel Speed Cheat Sheet

    Reel Speed Cheat Sheet

    I can remember a time when there weren’t that many options for “reel speeds” on the market. There was slow and slower, a 5.3:1 reel considered a “high speed” reel. Now, there are plenty of options to choose from to...

  • Rage Craw for Bedding Bass

    Rage Craw for Bedding Bass

    I know the topic of catching fish off of a spawning bed is cause of much debate. That said, this is my absolute favorite time of year. Sure, it can lead to much frustration, but it can also be a...

  • Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads

    Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads

    For the past few years, I have thrown a lot—and I mean A LOT—of soft plastic swimbaits. In turn, these swimbaits have caught me a lot of fish and I have learned a lot of nuances in what makes these...

  • Product Review: Halo Rods HFX Series

    Product Review: Halo Rods HFX Series

    One thing that I noticed as I began to pull out all of my rods to prep for 2022, is that amidst the conglomeration of brands in the pile, it seems I have collected quite an assortment of Halo Rods....