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  • Choose the Right Tools

    Choose the Right Tools

    Once, I found myself doing some knife work on an animal that had been harvested. I keep several good knives around, each with an intended use. But, in this particular scenario they were all still packed up in boxes somewhere,...

  • Last Call for Topwater

    Last Call for Topwater

    It’s safe to say that we all love topwater. That may quite possibly be the least controversial thing you’ll ever read on the internet. And though everyone seems to have a different opinion on which bait, the when and where,...

  • Jerkbaits for Fall Bass

    Jerkbaits for Fall Bass

    Sometimes, we bass fisherman can really place limits on baits. We get an idea of when and where you’re supposed to toss a certain lure. I think the case could previously be made for diving jerkbaits, as for the longest...

  • Why a Crossbow?

    Why a Crossbow?

    When it comes to hunting, there are a lot of choices to be made along the way. Things like location, stand placement, which stand to hunt depending on wind direction, understanding migration routes, bedding areas, food sources, and the list...

  • Welcome to #HuntFishNation!

    Welcome to #HuntFishNation!

    In the age of social media, the number of images, posts, videos, and content has become endless. The two sides of the sword seem to be that there is so much content out on the world wide web that it’s...

  • Hunting Season Prep: June

    Hunting Season Prep: June

    While we are in a time of year where we are past early season land prep like prescribed fire, warm season planting, and things of that nature; yet, it isn’t quite time to plant cool weather plots, hang stands, and...