Last Call for Topwater

Last Call for Topwater

It’s safe to say that we all love topwater. That may quite possibly be the least controversial thing you’ll ever read on the internet. And though everyone seems to have a different opinion on which bait, the when and where, and on and on; an explosive, visual, topwater strike is the pinnacle of bass fishing. That said, RIGHT NOW is a great time to have a topwater plug amongst the assortment of your typical fall, junk fishing, baits laid across the front of your boat.

Why am I such an advocate for fall topwater? Let me get my list ready!

The bass are feeding up. They are keyed in on schools of baitfish, and whether sitting over a channel edge or cruising up shallow…they’re looking to the sky looking for the next target to explode on. Anytime I can “stir up” these pods of bait and get them flickering and scattering across the surface, I have a good idea that I am in the right area. That said, something like a Pop-R is going to be a great way to both imitate this bait as well as get the bait moving, and thus, triggering a fish to feed.

It can be very versatile. Whether fishing in rivers, reservoirs, or natural lakes, my first point remains the same. It just may mean that you have to vary which topwater you’re throwing at them. In grassy water that may be a frog, around laydowns that may be a POP-R, in open water that may be a walking style bait. All of which have been very productive for me during this time of year.

My last point is that this simply may be the last time you get on a topwater bite this year! I’m a huge advocate for topwater year-round, peak times being in spring and fall, but the dead of winter maybe my only period where I write off topwater. And winter is coming! So, now is the time to capitalize on a topwater bite before temperatures drop until next year.

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