Bowfishing: Social distance your supper

Bowfishing: Social distance your supper

Social Distance Your Supper!

All this craziness with the current COVID19 situation has made me think about spending time with my grandparents on the old farm and living off the land. Back then, nothing went to waste and there was always food on the table albeit not as visually attractive in the raw phase but ended up tasty on the table. Fast forward to today’s time.

One of our biggest selling items last spring was our Angler series fishing bow package. This year they are flying off the shelves again. Most times the target of these bows are gars and carp. While we, as Americans, turn our noses up at the thought of eating either let me say I have had both at the family farm. As a matter of fact, carp are held in high esteem as a food fish in many parts of the world. I have had several old-timers tell me that the back strap off a gar makes delicious fried fish steaks. My grandmother made the carp into salmon like patties and deep-fried. Either fish when properly prepared and cared for after catching is great eating. There are numerous cleaning techniques and cooking recipes on the web so get out by yourself and social distance with a Bruin Angler bow fishing package and put some extra food on the table.

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