How to Remove a Fishhook From Flesh!

How to Remove a Fishhook From Flesh!

Remove a Fishhook From Flesh!

If you fish long enough you will eventually either get a hook impaled in a body part or be in the company of someone who will. There has been many a fishing trip cut short to an expensive doctor visit to remove the hook. Many times though if the hook is NOT in a dangerous place like near the eye, near a blood vessel or near a tendon the hook can be removed with a tolerable amount of pain and wound damage in less than 5 minutes.

There are two basic methods used in the field, the string pop and the push through. I have seen both used many times, but to me the string pop seems to have the least amount of pain based off of the recipients facial expressions. In either technique you need to isolate the hook from the lure or line with side cutters. In the case of a treble hook, cut it free from the lure and clip the free barbs to prevent any further impalement.

In my research I found an excellent source with diagrams to illustrate the techniques here.


First let’s review the string pop:

On the pop method it is important that your pop line be of sufficient strength as to not break either by doubling-tripling a small line or choosing a heavy stout line like braid. It is VERY important that the pulling part of this technique is a very quick snap not a slow pull.

Now let's look at the push through:

I have no expert advice on how to accomplish this, just grit your teeth and do it. I suppose if there is ice aboard the vessel you could numb the area to be pushed through to make it a little less painful. The good news is once that barb has cleared the skin it's all over with!


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