Remove the dreaded backlash!

Remove the dreaded backlash!

Remove the dreaded backlash!

Having served as a cameraman and producer for Bassmaster, FLW Outdoors and a myriad of other outdoor TV programs for over 30 years has provided me a wealth of knowledge from some of the best anglers in the world.

No matter how experienced of an angler you are, eventually you will face the dreaded backlash. Your first instinct is to immediately start ripping the line off until you find the guilty loop causing the snag. One of the best secrets I have learned from manufactures reps and pro’s like Shaw Grigsby, Hank Parker and Paul Elias is to NOT begin pulling on the line before doing one little trick.

Tighten the reel drag down all the way and place your thumbnail firmly on the reel concentrating on the most obvious loops on reel spool. Make about 4-5 turns on the reel handle while applying thumbnail against the loops. Gently pull until you reach another snag, Repeat the thumbnail application and 4-5 turns. If needed gently pull until spool is clear or repeat above procedure. What you are doing is reversing the direction the loops were created in in the first place. This of course is not foolproof and works better on mono and Fluorocarbon than braid, but for the most part is a superior method to remove a backlash.


Before pulling on the line , take the time to apply pressure with the edge of your thumbnail on the loops created during the backlash.



Slowly turn reel handle about 4-5 turns then gently pull line from reel until another snag is felt. Repeat step one if needed.



 Take your time and repeat until the reel spool is cleared of any loops.


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