Summertime Froggin'

Summertime Froggin'

A lot of minds shift toward deeper water as the days reach scorching temperatures, but for those who love to stay shallow it could possibly be the best time of year to have a frog in your hands. This is one of my favorite ways to catch fish, and here are a few areas that I look for to put some frog fish in the boat.

Thick Grass

If grass is prominent in the lake I’m targeting, I’m going to search out the greenest, thickest, most gnarly grass patches I can find. These grass beds tend to be healthier, provide healthy water for bass and their prey, as well as offer the best cover for big fish to hide in. I will throw to any holes in the thick of these areas and be sure to probe the edges of these grass beds.

Bluegill Beds

This scenario is nearly a sure bet of a good frog bite. If I can find an area where the bluegill are spawning, I will be sure to pick the area, and nearby cover apart. Even if it’s not a full moon or new moon cycle where the bluegill are actively on the bed, they are still nearby; thus, so are the bass. This can make for some very solid “spots” to fish, as well as a very stable pattern if you can find similar areas across the lake.

Shade Lines

This maybe where I utilize my frog the most, especially on bodies of water where grass isn’t going to play a huge role in how I fish. When it’s hot and the sun is high, bass use these shade lines to cruise, rest, cool off, and ambush any prey that is nearby. While a lot of anglers will head to banks where there is abundant shade, I prefer finding the banks that are being pounded by the sun, because then it concentrates and positions bass into smaller areas that are much easier to pick apart. Much like finding a small patch of grass in a grassless lake is more ideal than trying to break down a lake covered in grass.

So, while all of your buddies are headed offshore to stare at screens, now is your time to find some hot action in one of the most exciting ways possible!


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