The Dropshot Rig with Paul Elias

The Dropshot Rig with Paul Elias


Today we bring you the "Tip Tuesday" segment on Wednesday because.... Sometimes our days get away from us before we know it, and that absolutely happened to the Sportsman's Outfitters crew yesterday. I guess we should call this one "Hump Day Advice" on how to Rig your Dropshot 🤣😉.

Anyways, today on the blog we have Mr. Paul Elias showing us "The Dropshot Rig". I hope you enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled for these FX Rods to be available here on Sportsman's Outfitters SOON!



That's all for today folks! Be sure to check back next Tuesday (hopefully not Wednesday) for more tips and tricks from our expert staff and pro staff around the country.

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