How to install the Bruin Ambush Crank Cocking Device

How to install the Bruin Ambush Crank Cocking Device


On today's Tip Tuesday we have traveled to north Georgia to spend an afternoon with one of our best Bruin Outdoors customers Ben Van Devender and his beautiful daughter Hope. We asked Ben and Hope to give our viewers a quick tutorial on the installation and use of a Bruin Crank Cocking Device. They also cover basic sighting in instructions and some tips on adjustment of the bolt retention spring.


Key points featured in this video:

Installation of the Crank Cocking Device 00:10
 Sighting in the scope 03:16
Retention Spring adjustment 08:40
Cocking with the rope cocking device 09:33

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this segment, and remember to check back next Tuesday for more tips and tricks from our expert staff and pro staff around the country.

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