Wade Fishing Basics

Wade Fishing Basics


One of the nice things about inshore saltwater fishing is that there are a ton of areas from the Carolinas to Texas that offer spectacular wade fishing with minimum equipment. Wade fishing is not only for non-boat owners but can prove to be a remarkably successful method for anyone. Wade fishing offers the best stealth approach if done correctly. Even boaters can travel to a location and anchor and begin wade fishing. Most any type shallow running or topwater lures work but a good portion of waders prefer the excitement of topwater at least until the sun is high. Lead head grubs and pop corks can be a great way also. As far as tools of the trade, if the water is warm just some shorts and some sort of foot protection from barnacles, oyster shells or other hazards is recommended. The use of a longer rod in either spinning or casting can get you a tad more distance. Having a good floating net that is snag-resistant will not only help land more fish but gives a safety factor when you have a thrashing fish on treble hooks. Floating fish stringers or a floating fish basket can hold your creel. I like a floating fish basket setup that gives a little more breakup instead of a highly visible stringer of fishing trailing tethered to my body in case some critter decides they want them more than me. Our friend Marsh Man Masson just recently did a great video on wade fishing. Check that out here⬇

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