1791 Gunleather Bh1, 1791 Or-pdh-1-sbl-r Owb 1911 4&5" Blk

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This optic ready line of holsters delivers on both incredible quality and added functionality.Made to mirror 1791's belt holster line up, this line will work with every firearm that our bh line works with while adding the "or" cut necessary to carry most types of optics.As an added bonus each of these holsters is also equipped with a sweat guard or shield that protects you from your firearm rubbing against your body and protects any controls you may have on your firearm including manual safeties and de-cockers.

Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Firearm Fit: 1911 4"-5"
Mount Type: Belt Loop
Gun Type: Pistol