1791 Gunleather Bh2.4, 1791 Bh2.4-cbr-r Bh2.4 Owb P320-xdm-ppq S.brn

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This open top multi-fit belt holster 2.4 offers retention for a wide range of firearms.Focusing on the full frame firearms ranging from 4-5".The bh2.4 has become a favorite for law-enforcement officials and off-duty military, with its ability to carry the m17 and m9's of the world.Features and open top design for quick draw, multi-fit design with reinforced stitching that's handcrafted to accommodate a wide range of firearms.Includes a strong beveled steel clip for comfort and the safest retention.

Type: Outside-The-Waistband
Color: Signature Brown
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Firearm Fit: Sig P320/Sprgfld XD-M/Walther PPQ
Mount Type: Belt Loop
Gun Type: Pistol
Compartments: 1