1791 Gunleather Pdh-2, 1791 Or-pdh-2.4-sbr-r Owb P320-xdm-ppq S.brn

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Optic ready paddle holsters provide the same comfort and adaptability of the original paddle line, but with a built in optic cut that allows the use of an optic.It also protects that optic with the built in sweat guard.Fits- beretta 92, 92fs, m9; cz 75, 75b, p09, p10f ; h&k vp tactical, vp40, hk 45, p30l, mark 23, usp tactical; fn fn5.7, fnx, fns 40 longslide, 9 longslide; ruger 3810, 3811, american, security-9; sig sauer p220, p226, p227, p320, sp2022; springfield xd mod.2 4, xdm 3.8, xdm 4.5; walther ppq q4 tactical, ppq 45 and similar frames.

Color: Signature Brown
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Firearm Fit: Sig P320/Sprgfld XD-M/Walther PPQ
Mount Type: Paddle
Gun Type: Handgun