Bianchi 7303, Bia 17427 7303 Am Sng Mag Pch S2

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The model 7303 single magazine/knife pouch features vertical carry with a hook and loop closure to secure the item.It is custom molded and contoured for long lasting shape and precise fit.Featuring accumold trilaminate construction with ballistic weave exterior and coptex lining, the pouch cavity expands both front and rear for a trim look.The dual web belt loop design accommodates both 2" (50mm) and 2.25" (58mm) belts.

Type: Magazine Pouch
Color: Black
Material: Accumold
Size: 2
Model: 7303
Finish: Textured
Model Fit: Ber 92/96s; 8000/8040; BRN Hi-P; HKP7-M13
Mount Type: Belt Loop
Belt Size: 2"-2.25"
Caliber Or Gauge: 9mm Luger/40 S&W
Compartments: 1