Bianchi Black Widow, Bia 15706 5 Black Widow Blk

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The black widow belt slide holster is worn on the hip and offers an ultra hi-ride carry and a thumb snap closure.The dual belt slots provide stability and its open muzzle design offers pistols of the same model with different barrel lengths.Its compact profile offers and widely spaced belt slots allow the pistol to ride close to the body for both comfort and concealability.

Belt Size: 1.75" Wide
Type: Belt Holster
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Finish: Smooth
Firearm Fit: 2-3" BBL; Charter Arms Undercover; Colt Detective
Other Firearms Fit: SD2020; Ruger SP101; Smith & Wesson 36/38
Mount Type: Slide
Gun Type: Handgun
Compartments: 1