Bianchi Carrylok, Bia 22156 82 Carrylok Glk 26-27 Blk

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The carrylok offers the speed of an open top concealment holster with the security of bianchi's auto retention concept.The fingerlok internal retention mechanism secures the pistol by the trigger guard as it is inserted into the holster.To draw, the middle finger sweeps the release lever allowing the pistol to be drawn in an upward movement.It is carried at a 16 degrees forward angle, and fits up to 1.75" (45mm) belt widths.

Belt Size: 1.75" Wide
Type: Belt Holster
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Finish: Smooth
Firearm Fit: Beretta 9000S/Glock 26/27/Taurus PT-111
Mount Type: Slide
Gun Type: Pistol
Compartments: 1