Bianchi Remedy, Bia 25054 57 Remedy Blk Rh Sw Jframe 2

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Compact design for semiautomatics and small frame revolvers.Remedy feature the fully molded holster front for comfort and the open top design provides quick and convenient access.It's designed for hip carry and features deep contour molding, making visible the distinct shape of the handgun it holds.The remedy features two slots for belts up to 1.5" wide for a comfortable, snug fit on the body.

Belt Size: 1.5" Wide
Type: Belt Holster
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Size: Small
Hand: Right
Finish: Smooth
Firearm Fit: S&W 36/640
Other Firearms Fit: Similar J Frame
Mount Type: Slide
Gun Type: Revolver
Compartments: 1