Bianchi Sporting, Bia 17684 7000 Am Sptg Hlstr 4

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A well designed high ride holster with a closed muzzle that is ideal for field, hunting, and casual carry.The accumold construction protects the pistol even under the harshest conditions.The 7000 has a forward cant of 10 degrees that adds in both comfort and ease of presentation.This holster also features a 1.75" injection molded belt loop, and a sleek front strap closure incorporates the adjust a strap feature.

Belt Size: 1.75" Wide
Type: Sportsman Holster
Color: Black
Material: Accumold Trilaminate
Hand: Right
Finish: Textured
Firearm Fit: Colt KC/Python; Llama Martial/Com; Ruger GP100
Other Firearms Fit: S&W 19/586, K/L;Taurus 66/82/669; S&W 15 4"Barrel
Mount Type: Belt Loop
Gun Type: Handgun
Compartments: 1